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Exchange Server offers features that allow you and your employees anywhere access to e-mail, calendaring, and more. See what features are included with Exchange Server for anywhere access below.
Scalability & Performance

 Simplified Routing and Optimized Bandwidth
Message routing is automatically determined, and mail is delivered using the most direct route by default.
 Optimized Browser Access
Outlook Web Access (OWA) delivers improved performance and decreased latency. Increased client caching reduces server roundtrips, thereby reducing bandwidth usage and providing an optimal user experience when accessing over slow connections.

For even slower connections you may be interested to learn about Outlook Web Access Light.
 BlackBerry Enterprise Service - Optional Service
BlackBerry® is well-recognized as the leading professional mobile solution, allowing users to stay connected with wireless access to email, corporate data, phone, web and organizer features. With the BlackBerry solution, you can enhance the productivity of your organization by pushing data out to where it's needed most-your mobile workforce.

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